Consultations are FREE, and they are your opportunity to meet the Trail Rompers Hike Leaders while asking any / all questions you might have about romping off-leash with us!!

Feeling unsure about sending your dogpal off-leash hiking?  Have questions about "Requirements for Romping"?  Worried your pal won't get along with the other buddies in the group? Nervous that your dogpal isn't going to enjoy him/herself? 

There is no time limit, and definitely no information limit!  
Give us a shout and we will find a time to meet up with
you and your dogpal! [CLICK HERE TO BOOK]📍


Our Coverage Area

Auburndale, MA
Newton Centre, MA
Newton Corner, MA
Newton Highlands, MA
Newtonville, MA
Waban, MA
West Newton, MA

Weston, MA