What time will my dogpal get picked up?


Hike Pickup Timeframes:
Hikes occur Monday through Friday.
AM Group: 9:30-12:30
PM Group: 12:30-3:30

Sleepover Pickup Timeframes:
Weekday Sleepover Pickups: 3pm
Sunday Sleepover Pickups: Varied (Email MelMo)
There are no pickups or drop-offs on Saturdays.

Trail Rompers requires two (2) sets of house-keys / points of house-entry at the time of Consultation or shortly thereafter, but before any reserved service.

One key will be given to your dogpal's hiker, and the other will be kept on file in case of emergency.

Two points of entry could include fobs, key cards, multi-lock keys, garage code + house-key, or any other special security keys needed to enter the property.  

Alternative Option: House-keys can be kept in a lockbox that the client provides, giving Trail Rompers the code to utilize these keys. Trail Rompers can not be responsible for keys left in lockboxes or the lockbox itself.
Trail Rompers reserves the right to request being provided our own set of keys after two lockbox problems. Service will be terminated until a new home-access solution has been reached.

Do I need to provide a key to my home?

Can I have some additional information on your reservation and cancellation policies?

Hikes and Pit Stops can be reserved for your dogpal on a sporadic or repeating schedule!  Consultations are required before a new buddy is able to join the Trail Rompers family, however once all requirements have cleared, we are ready to get your dogpal on the books!! 
📍Required Pre-Hike Documents To Complete
📍Email us for scheduling requests!

If you think that you will be looking for your pal to join a hike (or more than one) on a weekly basis, setting up a repeating hike reservation is highly recommended!  Open spots get filled on a first-come-first-serve basis and they do tend to go rather quickly!!

Sleepovers are only available to regular hike clients, however we have a number of local hikers and petsitters that we would HIGHLY recommend!!

**Cancellations for any non-holiday (or non-school vacation) hike bookings must be sent via email by 7am the morning of that service, in order to avoid paying in full.

Do your sleepover policies change at all with holiday reservations?

Holiday and school vacation sleepovers are only available to current hike clients.

All sleepover reservations are filled on a first-come-first-serve basis.  
For holiday and school vacation sleepover bookings, it is highly recommended that you reserve a spot for your pal *As Early As Possible*!!  (already know when you are traveling in 2019, and will eventually be looking to get your pal booked for a sleepover??  **Book Him/Her Now!! ... we weren't kidding... the sooner the better!!**

Trail Rompers DogCampMoms do not pick-up or drop-off on holidays (ex. Thanksgiving Day / New Years Day etc.)... so please make your reservation accordingly! 

**Reduction in reservation length for sleepovers booked over holidays or school vacations must be sent email Two Weeks in advance of reserved service, in order to avoid paying in full. 

**Cancellations for any holiday or school vacation bookings -- sleepovers / hikes / pit stops -- must be sent via email Two Weeks in advance of reserved service, in order to avoid paying in full. 

We hike anyway!! 
While we will always make sure to remain cautious and vigilant with safety and inclement weather, unless conditions seem dangerous or unsafe, we will be out there hiking with your dogpal's just like any other day!!

What happens if it's raining or snowing?

This is intentional and is a Trail Rompers care-standard and policy!!
When damp cloth / fabric / absorbent collars are left on dogpals post-hike, the risk of hotspot growing is significant. Once the pals fur and collar have both had a little breathing room to dry, they can of course be put back on later in the day / evening. 
We end up running into streams / swamps / puddles / wet weather etc. on just about every hike, and everyone ends up getting pretty wet. Over the years I've had tons of pals end up with neck hotspots that turn fairly large -- and honestly tremendously gnarly -- because of wet collars. Once I realized why this was happening, I made it a standard that we take ALL pal's collars off when dropped at home, so that both pup and collar have a little drying time post-hike. 
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Why was my dog's collar removed when they were dropped back home post-hike?