Already a hiking client and in need of a sleepover for your dogpal? Let us know!

Sleepovers Include…

  • Pickup for sleepover

  • 1 Hike per every 24 hour period

  • Any medicine administration (including shots)

  • Bath (as needed or upon request)

  • Snugs + Socializing + Snoozing & Fun!

  • Drop-off from sleepover

*Weekday Pickups: Approximately 3pm
*Sunday Pickups: Flexible
*Weekday Drop-Offs: Option of 9am or 6pm
*Sunday Drop-Offs: Flexible

[Saturday pickups / drop-offs are not available]

*$80/night for dogpals one year of age and older ($70/night for 8+ night sleepovers)

*$90/night for dogpals under one year of age ($80/night for 8+ night sleepovers for dogpals under one year of age)